How do I go about applying for a lawsuit cash advance?

The application process is simple. Simply fill out the advance funding Online Application or contact us to complete over the phone, whichever is most convenient for you. Once we receive your application for a lawsuit settlement loan, we will also fax or email a request to your attorney for some additional information and documentation. As soon as your attorney provides this information, we will contact you regarding approval.

Will we fund a case before a suit has been filed?

Yes. So long as there is sufficient information in the file for us to make a determination as to the approximate value of the lawsuit settlement advance.

How long will it take to receive the money?

Once we have all the required documents, the review of your case generally will take between 24 to 48 hours. Once approved, the advance settlement check will be sent to you via mail or we can wire your money directly into your account.

Who should use this service?

Anyone who is legitimately pursuing a qualified lawsuit or claim, and needs a lawsuit cash advance, is qualified for our service. Although most of our clients are those with personal injury cases or workers’ compensation claims, we have dealt with a variety of clients and cases including: wrongful death, medical malpractice, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, product liability, civil rights, and countless other worthwhile cases.

Why should I use this service?

Simply put, a settlement cash advance provides financial relief and financial relief provides options. Frequently, claimants have missed work or lost their job and can no longer meet their rent or automobile payments. We will help by quickly providing advance funding needed to pay for medical bills, living expenses, and other financial relief prior to settlement. By providing our service, we also allow the attorney adequate time to negotiate the best possible settlement of your case and allow him to get the maximum benefit for you. Now, claimants can sustain their personal lives and give the attorney the necessary time to achieve the full value of the case. It is easy to apply for your lawsuit loan online

What can I use the money for?

SMP is a financial resource of last resort. The money is yours to use as you wish. However, we look more favorably upon those cases where the settlement advance proceeds are used to pay bills or medical expenses.

Are good credit and/or employment necessary to obtain a legal cash advance?

No, the decision-making process is not based on credit history or employment. Unless there is a pending bankruptcy, an applicant may have bad credit score and no employment. SMP bases its lending decisions solely on the merits of an applicant’s legal claim.

How much money can I receive?

The applicant’s needs and potential value of the case determine the amount advanced. Each case is reviewed on its own merits, though we generally grant settlement advance money to clients only where liability is clear and coverage is sufficient. Our settlement cash advances begin at $500 and go up to $500,000, although most are usually under $10,000.

When must I repay SMP?

SMP lawsuit cash advances become due upon resolution of your claim. There are no pre-payment penalties should you wish to pay the cash advance off early. The lawsuit cash advance is paid back directly by your attorney out of the funds you receive from settlement.

Why can‘t my attorney lend me money?

The American Bar Association prohibits attorneys from offering settlement advances to clients for anything but case expenses. This prohibition exists to prevent a conflict of interest from arising. If you owed your attorney money you might feel pressured to accept your attorney’s advice to settle your case when you really do not want to accept the amount offered.

Does my Attorney have to be involved in the process?

Yes. The cooperation of your Attorney is necessary.

What are your interest rates or fees?

Our fees vary and are determined on a case-by-case basis because no two cases are identical. Your repayment amount will be provided and thoroughly explained to you prior to your signing and accepting this lawsuit settlement funding agreement.

How will my attorney feel about me doing this?

Attorneys are sympathetic to the financial strain their clients can experience. Attorneys are typically eager to help a client obtain plaintiff lawsuit settlement funding because it may mean that a long legal proceeding won’t end with the client having no choice other than to accept a low settlement offer. You can apply for lawsuit funding without consulting your lawyer first. However your attorney plays an important role in getting your LAWSUIT CASH ADVANCE.

What, if anything, will SMP require from the attorney after the deal is closed?

We will periodically call your attorney to update us on the status of your case.

Is your process confidential?

We are confidential; we are private; we are quick.

Does SMP provide advice on how much my case is worth?

No. SMP will never offer legal advice whether you are represented by an attorney or not.

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