Simply knowing that a lawsuit loan is right for you may not be enough; a plaintiff also must know the right time to acquire the assistance of a lawsuit loan company. For many plaintiffs, the temptation of attaining a lawsuit loan immediately upon finding an attorney who will take up the cause of their case might prove too great. It’s easy to see how the temptation of buying a new house or car, taking a much-needed vacation, or treating yourself over the holidays can be an alluring possibility. But plaintiffs should know, and lawsuit loan companies should inform their applicants, that spending their lawsuit cash advance on unnecessary expenses is not in their best interest. How a plaintiff spends their money is indicative of their need, since a lawsuit loan should be utilized in serious financial straits. If you are a plaintiff wondering whether your own financial situation applies, ask yourselves the following: 1. Has your mounting debt threatened you and your family with eviction or your house with foreclosure? If so, then a lawsuit loan can and should be used to keep you in house and home. With a fast-approval process, a lawsuit loan can allow you to access money immediately to save your house. The lawsuit loan amount will simply be an advance taken out of the projected outcome of your settlement, so both saving your house and continuing your lawsuit are sound investments in your future. 2. Do you have medical expenses that cannot be ignored? Often, an injured plaintiff’s entire lifestyle will be upended after their injury. Hospital bills, in-home care, and physical therapy can cripple a plaintiff’s chances of pursuing their lawsuit to an equitable finish simply because they can no longer put off paying medical expenses. A lawsuit loan can’t change the fact that your life has changed forever because of your injury, but it can get you back on track financially and mentally prepared to fight for a settlement that adequately compensates you for your injuries. 3. Lastly, do you simply feel out of options? Ultimately, your lawsuit lending provider has no real control over how you spend your lawsuit cash advance. But the best candidates for a lawsuit loan are the plaintiffs who have seen their finances dwindle as they pursued their case for weeks, then months, and maybe even years. It is these plaintiffs who need a lawsuit loan when they feel at the end of their rope, who could simply use a little extra time to achieve the best settlement on their case possible. Fast, simple and ready at the moment you need them most, lawsuit loans are financially responsible solutions to burdensome debt during a lawsuit. About the Author: Steven Medvin is the Executive Director of SMP Advance Funding, LLC, which provides lawsuit funding to individuals who need a lawsuit loan for pending lawsuits. For more information please visit
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