What is a lawsuit settlement loan?

A lawsuit settlement is when you borrow money from SMP Advance Funding until you receive funding from your pending legal settlement. One of the positives is that this cash advance is essentially risk free; if you don’t receive the funds you were expecting, you will not have to repay the litigation finances. This is the prime difference between lawsuit settlement loans and bank loans. With bank loans, they must be repaid regardless of the outcome of your case.

Why would I need a settlement loan?

There are many reasons why someone may be looking for a lawsuit settlement loan. Most clients that come to us are just waiting for their lawsuit funds to come in, and need to pay for medical expenses or other expenses that become overdue. If you are in need of cash for the following expenses:
  • Paying overdue Bills
  • Paying Medical Expenses
  • Receiving Needed Medical Care
  • Avoiding Serious Financial Crisis
  • Prevent Evictions, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
  • Maintain A Standard of Living
Contact SMP Advance Funding LLC. As the leading experts in online settlement cash advances, you can fill out our online cash advance application, call us at 888-578-2566, or fax us with your lawsuit at 888-519-4570.