Wrongful death and personal injury plaintiffs bring their situation to the courts because they believe that another party is responsible for an injury that may have had physical, financial, and emotional consequences. Victims and family members of the victims can file a civil suit against the party that they believe is responsible and seek compensation, but are often left to struggle to make ends meet until a settlement is reached. This can lead to struggles both in and outside of the courtroom, but many plaintiffs find that lawsuit loans can make the process much easier on their finances. The victim’s family must handle the lost wages. For cases of both personal injury and wrongful death, the families of the victims usually struggle with lost wages that were a result of the injury, and sometimes the injury didn’t even take occur at the workplace. With lawsuit loans, plaintiffs borrow from their future settlement and then repay the loan at the conclusion of the pending trial or claim. The plaintiff can use this money to pay bills, medical expenses, and fill in the other gaps left behind by the lost wages. With all that emotional stress, the plaintiffs need as little financial stress as possible. The emotional stress involved with wrongful death and personal injury cases can make other aspects that much harder to deal with and so the victims often find themselves distracted from all the responsibilities of their lawsuit and home life while dealing with this stress. Along with the emotional burden, the plaintiff must prepare for the case, make court dates, meet their lawyer, and other legal tasks along with maintaining their home. Using a lawsuit loan means that finances are one less thing to worry about and plaintiffs can focus instead on their lawsuit so that they can get back to having a normal life. Personal loans can take time. We’ve already established that because of the missing income, families involved in a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit need money to pay bills, but another important aspect is that they get the money fast. Bill collectors are eager to be paid regardless the plaintiff’s legal situation, and so many plaintiffs look to traditional personal loans. One of the problems with traditional personal loans is the application process. There is a lot of paperwork, a lot of credit checking, a lot of analyzation and therefore a lot of time before lenders are ready to hand out checks. With lawsuit loans, however, the application process is easy and fast, and so plaintiffs could expect to see a check within days of applying for their presettlement funding. About the Author: Steven Medvin is the Executive Director of SMP Advance Funding, LLC, which provides lawsuit funding to individuals who need a lawsuit loan for pending lawsuits. For more information please visit www.smpadvance.com.
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