Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic to begin with, but some victims find themselves dealing with the situation some time after the accident if there is an injury and negligence involved. If damages are sought out in court, there are certain expenses that take an especial toll on plaintiffs with motor vehicle accident cases. Medical bills. Even though many plaintiffs receive help with medical bills from health insurance, oftentimes this is not enough to cover all of their medical expenses. But, what happens in the time before the lawsuit is settled? Plaintiffs don’t receive a settlement until the legal process is finished, which could take months or years. If medical bills are past due or payment for a necessary procedure is needed, then the plaintiff may not have the option to wait that long. Many plaintiffs find a solution in a lawsuit loan, which allows them to borrow from their settlement and pay urgent expenses while they wait for the trial to conclude. Lost wages. On top of medical expenses, victims of motor vehicle accidents often don’t have a source of income due to an injury from the accident that makes them unable to work. They find that they not only struggle with the costly medical expenses but with everyday household expenses as well. Car and mortgage payments, grocery bills, school supplies—these are all expenses that plaintiffs must worry about on top of their injury and the trial, and they can wreak havoc on their credit. Plaintiffs sometimes turn to personal loans or credit cards, but these require payments as well. Lawsuit loans can be used to keep the finances afloat while protecting plaintiffs’ credit. Car repairs. Much of the trial could be spent determining fault, and if the other driver is debating this issue, then car repairs could get tricky. The plaintiff not only has to work with their insurance but the other drivers’ insurance as well, and if fault is being contested, then the plaintiff may have to wait a while before anyone’s insurance pays for repairs. But plaintiffs need their car, considering they need to make court appointments and meetings with their lawyer on top of everyday travels. Plaintiffs can use a settlement loan to rent a car or make car repairs when the insurance just isn’t helping them get back on the road. Lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs to use their funding when they need it most, which sometimes end up being before the lawsuit concludes. About the Author: Steven Medvin is the Executive Director of SMP Advance Funding, LLC, which provides lawsuit funding to individuals who need a lawsuit loan for pending lawsuits. For more information please visit
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