For personal injury victims, the litigation process can be overwhelming. Between retaining a competent attorney who is ready to dedicate time and effort to the case and finding the necessary funds to endure what is typically a lengthy process, the litigation process can feel — for lack of a better way of putting it — like adding insult to injury. But there are solutions and people willing to help you when you need it most. There are personal injury lawyers who will work on a contingency basis, which is different from being paid on an hourly retainer. Those lawyers who have taken on cases on a contingency basis depend on the positive outcome of the case in order to be paid their fee. The fee operates on a no-win, no-fee basis. The risk is completely with those lawyers who take up the victim’s cause, paying for filing fees, medical records, depositions and reports. As one might assume, effective case development that pays off dividends to the plaintiff can become costly for a lawyer. The last thing that a lawyer would want is for a plaintiff who is suffering from financial hardship to be forced to settle early or accept a lower offer because they can no longer afford to litigate their case. And yet, the only legal expense a lawyer cannot pay for is the living expenses and financial debt that weigh upon their client as their case reaches a settlement or a verdict. A lawsuit loan, or a pre-settlement loan, is an option that could benefit the interests of both the plaintiff and their legal representative. Similar to a contingency-fee, a lawsuit loan provider assumes the risk of funding a lawsuit and offering cash advances to plaintiffs against the future settlement of their case. A lawsuit loan provider will work closely with representative attorneys in order to assess the merit of the case. As with a lawyer working on a contingency basis, a lawsuit loan provider will look for strong liability and clear damages with the cases they choose to invest in. Once a case is accepted, plaintiffs are given the immediate financial assistance they need to avoid debt, foreclosure, and eviction. Plaintiffs and their families will be able to attend to their most pressing financial needs, including medical care, credit card payments, and mortgage payments. Lawyers are also relieved of the financial pressure that their clients face and given the time they need to seek the best settlement possible. For a recent personal injury victim, lawsuit loans might be the lifeline they need to support their families, their legal team, and the success of their lawsuit. About the Author: Steven Medvin is the Executive Director of SMP Advance Funding, LLC, which provides lawsuit funding to individuals who need a lawsuit loan for pending lawsuits. For more information please visit
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